Restaurant Fala

Eat, drink! You are healthy and live happily! That's our motto.

We offer different types of flavors, ranging from Italian cuisine, Oriental, Indian, the Polish course. Chef Bartholomew Kozlowski ensures that the kitchen was not only healthy but above all tasty. Daily selects fresh herbs from our own herb garden to improve your dishes.

The basis for a well-launched on a great breakfast. In our restaurant guests can enjoy an abundant selection of dishes, hot buffetcold buffet - cheeses, meats, fish, salads; Special vegetarian dishes, buffet of hot and cold drinks. Several types of cereal, muesli, porridge and fruit. On the live-cooking are served freshly prepared pancakes and omelets with ingredients dobieranymi on request and fried eggs. Breakfast is served from 08:00 - 10:00

The evening meeting at the table - a delicious dinner served both in the restaurant buffet of hot and cold buffet of salads, cheese and fish, and meats, as well as a summer restaurant Tavern in the form of feasts grill with roasted pork and sausages on the fire. At dinner served from 18:00-20:00

During the day, we prepare for our guests are served a light lunch - served main course in two scenes to choose from - at your disposal a vegetarian or meatAt your disposal is also in a soup pot, our salad bar and buffet cold drinks available without restriction. The lunch is served from 13:00-15:00

 Subscribe meals 2018
1 day 1 week
above 15 years
5-15 years
above 15 years
5-15 years

 (FB) breakfast + lunch + dinner

90 zł

45 zł

600 zł

300 zł

 (HB) breakfast + dinner

70 zł 35 zł 490 zł 245 zł
Children under 5 years - the cost of each meal 0,01 pln. 
Once you buy an meal - 30zł / person (child - 15zł)


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Restaurant Summer - Tawerna

Tawerna - this type fired&grill restaurant is open for your pleasure during the summer period June - September daily at 13:00-23:00 for all guests, both living in our center as well as from outside it.

In the Tawerna you can enjoy a tasty and probably the cheapest on the coast - fried fish and grilled dishes. Here, our bartenders prepare for your interesting alcoholic cocktails, indicate excellent aromatic coffee or freshly squeezed juice.

Tavern is not just coastal dishes but also feast with live music organized by the resort hog roasts and barbecues on fire. The tavern serves a shanty concerts, theater performances for children and adults, dance shows our instructors and "salsa party", karaoke and theme nights with live music - Disco, Salsa, Rock'n Roll.

Tavern is the perfect place to hold the second day of the wedding - as the new face of the wedding party in a different climate than the first day of the ceremony, and how attractive especially in the summer months.

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Outdoor Events - Events Company

You have an idea for your dream party, or on the contrary do not have ideas for organizing an important event in your company?

We realize everyone, even the most insane idea what you or we will come to mind! Check that meet this challenge.

We organized many events for 100-500 guests, both on the huge area of our resort and beyond.

We can outsource comprehensive preparation of your event. We will plan attractions, concerts, shows, entertainers and announcers, bands and artistic, sports facilities in the resort and beyondbus transport, sound and lighting, photo / video media, sanitary facilities and medical, group insurance for participants, any permits associated with the Polish law.


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Center Fala1 a year-round recreation and leisure complex is located just 300 meters from the Baltic Sea, in the picturesque village - ŁAZY near seaside resort Mielno.
We organize family holidays, weekend stays, holiday theme as well as business meetings and wedding receptions. During the summer holidays we provide a lot of attractions included in the room rate, for example: horse riding, circus for kids, fun for adults and children, theater and music performances live, Fitness classes with coaches and teachers of dance, sports tournaments and dance parties, roasting suckling pigs by the fire. In addition, we have a beauty salon and massage rooms, tennis court, gym, billiards, bicycles, sports, and conference and banquet rooms.