Centrum Fala 1 - Sylwester 2017r.

Wesele w Tawernie sierpień 2016r.

Centrum Fala 1 - Sylwester 2016r.

Centrum Fala 1 - Wesele na Fali

Centrum Fala 1  - Film z drona

 Centrum Fala 1  - Sezon 2014r.

Centrum Fala 1 - Sezon 2013r.

Łazy - Wielkie Otwarcie Sezonu 2014r.

Łazy z lotu ptaka

Łazy - Zlot Starych Ciągników 2016r.

Centrum Fala 1 - Członek Stowarzyszenia Kocham Polski Bałtyk

Łazy - Zlot Starych Maszyn Rolniczych






Center Fala1 a year-round recreation and leisure complex is located just 300 meters from the Baltic Sea, in the picturesque village - ŁAZY near seaside resort Mielno.
We organize family holidays, weekend stays, holiday theme as well as business meetings and wedding receptions. During the summer holidays we provide a lot of attractions included in the room rate, for example: horse riding, circus for kids, fun for adults and children, theater and music performances live, Fitness classes with coaches and teachers of dance, sports tournaments and dance parties, roasting suckling pigs by the fire. In addition, we have a beauty salon and massage rooms, tennis court, gym, billiards, bicycles, sports, and conference and banquet rooms.