Animations for children – Children room and playground
Animations take place every day, except the Saturday, on the holiday time. There is a possibility of ordering a service of children animation for organized groups during whole year. Excepting the holiday period, children room is available only in presence of an adult. Children animations are dedicated for those in age 3-10. The staff may refuse to take care of child if there is a reason to do so. Children who violate safety and physical integrity of other children can be moved away from the playground and parents asked to pick up their children. Children can stay alone under the care of animators or move away from animators independently only upon prior request of the parents. Animators do not feed children or do not make hygienic action.
It is forbidden to take out toys being in a playroom and in a playground beyond their range. Toys are available for all children of the Resort, all the time of their stay only in designated places of fun.

First aid kit, nursing medical
First aid measures are available at the Reception. In case of emergency an employee at the Reception can call a doctor or ambulance rescue. Doctor visits and nursing supervision are  additionaly paid.

Nighttime, daytime
Night time silence is valid from 23:00 pm to 6:00 am, with the exception of the dining rooms during the  all-night events organized in the Resort (weddings). During day please, do not disturb your behavior of other Guests of the Resort.

Check in/out
Check-in begins at 16:00 pm and ends at 10:00 am the next day. Extension of check out time is only possible upon prior arrangement with the Reception. Not leaving the room after the designated time, results in a charge for the next day.

Integration events organized individually
Please contact the management of the Resort in order to agree on the possibility of organizing such event.

Grill and campfire
On the territory of the Resort is not allowed individual barbecue and campfire. Violations of this policy may result in the confiscation of equipment for deposit and fee liability.

Commercial information
Any business information gives you only the staff of the Reception and the management of the Resort.

Internet and TV
All rooms at the Resort have access to the Internet or Wi-Fi. Computers with Internet access are placed in the lobby. There is a possibility of loan of the Internet cables also other conference office equipments. Televisions are accessible in the hotel rooms and lobby.

Correspondence, the letters
Reception does not accept sending and letters to dispatch. The coming correspondence of Guests is left for the receipt at the Reception desk.

Beauty and massages
Information and price list of treatments are available at the Reception desk. Guests which received the voucher for cosmetic services and massage are obliged for immediate establishing the possible date of treatments. A prearranged but not performed treatment is falling through after the end of the agreed date. Payments for treatments of massages accomplished exceptionally in the Reception.

Car park
The car park on territory of the Resort is free of charge - one room is assigned one parking place, in case of a larger quantity of vehicles is necessary to agree on parking with the employees of the Reception. The Guest using the car park is obliged to hand the number to the registration of his car at the Reception in order to identify the owner of the vehicle. Coaches and cars trucks parked only in a place closely identified by the Reception employees. It is forbidden to wash vehicles and leaving them with the engine running or the lights on.

Meals are served in both forms: of hot and cold buffet and served individually. Mealtimes can be set individually for every hotel pavilion or for the individual group in chosen time periods. It is not possible to take out dishes, course and products beyond the range of the restaurant and the adjacent terrace. In case of not-applying the ban you may be charged the cost of purchasing additional meals.

Sports equipment, bicycles and sports fields and a tennis court
All recreational and sports halls, including a playground and tennis courts - are at your disposal from 6:00 am to 23:00 pm. There is a possibility of renting sports equipment  - availability and booking at the Reception.
We have bikes, nordic-walking sticks, balls for games, exercise balls and equipment for tennis for Guests. We rent mats, blankets and beach chairs to the beach for an additional fee.

Room equipment
Things remaining on the room please leave in the room. It is forbidden to use the bedclothes as blanket parties or covers outside the room. You can expose laundry dryers only on the terrace/balcony assigned to the room.
Fire fighting purposes do not expose dryers, trolleys (etc. equipment) on the corridors and passageways. Deficiencies and defects of equipment and accessories please immediately contact at the Reception. For damage or going missing of the equipment you can be encumbered with extra costs.

Valuables, monitoring
The Resort Fala1 is not responsible for cars left in the car park and valuables left on the area of the Resort. On the area of the Resort works monitoring cameras, fitting data from recordings is additionally paid and making is exclusively in agreeing with the management on the Resort.



§ 1
Making a booking is tantamount to confirming reading this regulations, with approval and commitment to comply with its provisions.
The booking confirmation of the deposit is a payment  in advance in the height and the date given in the booking card. In case of the resignation from the stay, the deposit is not refundable. The Guest cannot provide the room vacated by oneself for other persons, without agreeing on this change with the management of the Resort.

§ 2
Check-in is from 16:00 pm on the first day of the Guest's stay until 10:00 am the next day. Extension of check out time is only possible upon prior arrangement with the Reception. Resort may refuse extension of stay and may request its reduction in case of violation of the law, and also by several violations of the terms of the Centrum Fala 1.

§ 3
The fee must be made in advance, no later than the first day of stay, at making registration action at the Reception, no fee to this term is equivalent to the cancellation of the reservation. We accept payment by cash, credit card or bank transfer. There is a possibility of the realization of Travel Pass vouchers.

§ 4
The price for the stay determines price list and current price promotions in selected periods, promotions do not add up.
The cost of the services not-embraced with the price list shall be determined only from the direction of the Resort. At earlier release of the room or other services shall not be entitled to reimbursement of charges. In case of cancellation of services included in the price there is no refund of fees in any part thereof.

§ 5
To use the Board and all of the attractions included in the packages are eligible only appropriate wristbands. Persons receiving package benefits are obliged to wear identification bands done up on the hand. Loss, losing or destruction, as well as the provision of identification bar others will prevent You using our services to their full extent. The fee for a duplicate identification band amounts PLN 50.

§ 6
The Centrum Fala1 is obliged to ensure good conditions of unabridged rest of Guests and ruthlessly to respond to made remarks and stipulations in relation to the service level, functioning of devices, the cleanness and order at the Resort.

§ 7
Guests are kindly requested to proper storage and securing the thing of value. Admission of the staff to the room during stay is allowed only in the presence of Guests of this room.
The service of cleaning the room or commissioned repairs of defects cannot be conducted without of Guests of the rented room.


§ 8
The Centrum Fala1 is not  responsible for cars left in the car park and lost valuables on the area of the Resort.


§ 9
The night silence is from 23:00 pm to 6:00 am of the next day. Curfew does not apply during events organized by the Resort (e.g. Weddings). 


§ 10
Fire fighting purposes - is an absolute prohibition on the use of all kinds of heating devices not being equipping the Resort (e.g. cookers, immersion heaters, an electric heaters) and use an open fire outside designated places. Persons who violate this prohibition and posing a fire hazard may be asked to immediately leave the Resort without the right to reimbursement of the cost of activities, or may be subject to a monetary penalty.

§ 11
Each time leaving room, the Guest is obliged to lock the door. Losing the key to the room must be immediately reported to the Reception. On the end of stay, before leaving, the Guest should to declare the will of making the receipt of the room and pass the keys and check-out. An employee of the Centre appointed by the employee of the Reception is making the receipt of the room and keys.

§ 12
The Guest is incurring the material responsibility for the lack, damage or destroying objects, the equipment and technical devices of the Resort, resulting from the his fault or from the fault of persons visiting him. The list of the equipment is in every room.


It is forbidden:
• of using makeshift electrical connections,
• of using own heating devices, so as immersion heaters, stoves,
• of the smoking in rooms,
• of pouring the content of the ashtray into waste-paper baskets,
• of wrapping up or covering lighting points with fabric or paper,
• of using the equipment and firefighting devices for what it wasn't intended,
• of leaving electrical devices turned on without the supervision.
In case of fire we ask immediately:
• to notify employees of the Reception or the management of the Resort Centrum Fala1,
• after hearing the announcement of the fire to be guided by for extending beyond the area of the object - according to directions of the evacuation,
• to notify of the people which they could if necessary stay in rooms of the Resort.

Center Fala1 a year-round recreation and leisure complex is located just 300 meters from the Baltic Sea, in the picturesque village - ŁAZY near seaside resort Mielno.
We organize family holidays, weekend stays, holiday theme as well as business meetings and wedding receptions. During the summer holidays we provide a lot of attractions included in the room rate, for example: horse riding, circus for kids, fun for adults and children, theater and music performances live, Fitness classes with coaches and teachers of dance, sports tournaments and dance parties, roasting suckling pigs by the fire. In addition, we have a beauty salon and massage rooms, tennis court, gym, billiards, bicycles, sports, and conference and banquet rooms.